Friday, April 23, 2010

Zeytuna Smoothies & Bubble Tea

"Zeytuna Smoothies & Bubble Tea"
Cuisine: tropical liquid
Date: Friday, April 23, 2010 at 11:50am
Location: Corner of John and William Streets, just outside Zeytuna's main supermarket entrance
Diners: Local office workers. Heavy-set women who are trying to drink their way to their thin dreams. I've seen long lines as the lunch crowd builds.
Grub: Small avocado shake. $3.
Review: Friendly, fast service. Extensive menu and they'll make any drink you want. I picked avocado because Marrakesh was on the mind. I was served avocado shakes at a wedding there back in 2004 and am often trying to recapture that moment. The Zeytuna avocado shake was a tad too sweet for my taste, but I would just ask them to use a little less sugar next time. And there were green flecks everywhere. I think they might have let a bit of avocado peel slip into the blender. Produce was fresh. Drink was refreshing. And they package it nicely in a special little drink bag to carry home or to the office. Reminded me of being in Asia where they think of every detail. HD refused to try a sip despite the bright green wide-diameter straw. Who can resist that?
Rating: I'd return again tomorrow -- especially if it's a hot day.

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