Monday, April 5, 2010

Xpress Power Lunch

"Xpress Power Lunch"
Cuisine: Halal truck (indeterminate Middle Eastern/South Asian style)
Location: Corner of Wall and Pearl, across the street from the BMW dealer
Date: Monday April 5, 2010
Grub: Chicken Salad $4 (orange-colored marinated seasoned chicken on top of iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots and tomatoes. White and red sauces squirted on top)
Diners: There was a line of eight male office workers at lunch time on this perfect Spring day. Half were of Indian and Middle Eastern backgrounds.
Speed: Very fast. Food is precooked. No waiting.
Review: Cheap, edible, fast. I believe this cart is one of a chain around Manhattan, but nothing to rave about. Chicken quality is okay with more dark meat than white. At least there wasn't any gross skin or cartilage. Food isn't piping hot. Generic spices. But I was hungry enough to wolf down half of it right away at my home office desk. I gave the remaining half to my sitter, who also gobbled it up. She thought it was spicy.

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